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 Dave Mustaine Posts An Update On His Surgery

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PostSubject: Dave Mustaine Posts An Update On His Surgery   Dave Mustaine Posts An Update On His Surgery I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 09, 2009 8:35 am

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message on the band's official MySpace page:

"Well, I made it and day two of the procedure is almost over [referring to recent surgery for a neck injury — Ed.] . I wanted to take this time to thank you for all of your support. It was necessary for me to do this so that I could continue to operate at maximum potential for us all, and the timing was right, the doctor was right, and my mentality was prepared to have a long frikken needle stuck into my neck, just short of the brain stem."

"I am over any of the pain from the procedure and I thank you for the confidence to break free from this bondage. I am also starting to experience the effects of the cervical epidural that they did, and the medication that they inject into my spinal column. We are optimistic that this will eliminate any need for further procedures to address the bulging disks in my thoracic vertebrae."

"Meanwhile, I have had such a strenuous last few weeks. We had to finish the artwork for the [new Megadeth] record, and then there was the fiasco that went along with that. Then next was making the merchandise line for the good people at our vendors like Hot Topic, and the mom-and-pop stores were next, and this damn near killed me because of the deadline from the record company, and then the deadline to do the merchandise, and oh yeah, there was that video we just did in-between all of the work I have been doing."

"I [also] finish[ed] approving my autobiography, which I read over a dozen chapters today and I was really happy with it. Of course, there are a lot of harsh things that I say in the book, but at the end of each section, there is a tremendously human side of me that I haven't ever seen. It showed how even after I ruined so many relationships, it showed how a contrite heart, a humble spirit, a sincere apology and the effort not to do the same thing to the same person again, and you will be surprised at how forgiving people are. I WANT EVERY ONE TO KNOW THAT THE STORIES ARE TOLD AS THEY WENT DOWN, AND THE EPILOGUE IS THAT I AM TRULY GRATEFUL FOR MY NEW ATTITUDE, AND FOR ANY OF THE RELATIONSHIPS THAT WERE SALVAGEABLE."

"I got purdy damn adept at handing over those olive branches."

"So, until I get completely swamped again tomorrow morning, while trying to develop TheLiveLine [a service launched by Mustaine that enables musicians to connect to their audience over the phone], trying to grow my wife's coffee business, proofing my book, setting up my radio station, designing the stage for our next tour, and preparing for the next rehearsal which will no doubt involve a dump truck full o' problems all over again."

"I love you guys all so very much and thanks again for the prayers, thank for the positive thoughts, even thank to the f*ckers who wanted me to stay hurt — I am healing to spite you, ya bastards!"

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Dave Mustaine Posts An Update On His Surgery
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